Advanced automation made simple

We create an affordable smart solutions that is reliable, easy to use, and available to anyone who wishes to simplify their homes or businesses

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Automate, control your home from everywhere, no predefined mounting is needed, Control your home using your favorite voice assistant like Siri, Google or Alexa

Software compatible with Apple HomeKit

Your home can be controlled using Apple HomeKit app

Home Control panel

Your home will have control panel mounted in the wall

Customer Support

We'll provide 6 month FREE support

Security is vital

Trust begins with security. You'll find this at the center of everything we do

We provide secure smart solution with custom software which is compatable with leading software companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

Features We Offer

Top features that will love every customer

Full home automation

We offer full home automation, control almost anything that you want in your home

Dashboard & Apps from Leading brands

We mount in the wall dashboard panel from where you can control your home. Except that you can control home smart home using application that you love(Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, etc.)


One of the most secure smart home system that you can find. We create smart home network which is encrypted and not available for hackers


We offer 6 month free support for our service


We're keeping history about every action that will be happen in the home